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Incorporate massage therapy into your pre and post surgery care.

It is normal for a physician to share with you surgery preparation and post care instructions.  But how many times does your doctor talk about incorporating massage therapy into the routine?  I’m guessing you don’t even think about it.  But massage therapy helps prepare you mentally and physically for the challenges to come.

Prior to undergoing surgery, some people become anxious, nervous and undone.  Massage therapy addresses these issues.  It helps relieve stress which puts you in a better mind set for surgery.  Lowering the stress level does contribute to your body healing faster and decreases the odds of complications unfolding.

After surgery, massage therapy is a great means to relieve pain without having to take too many narcotics or eliminating them completely.  You have to check with your physician to be sure he/she is on the same page before receiving massage therapy.  But, more times than not a physician will encourage the process.  It is a drug-free manner that improves blood flow throughout the body.  It also increases oxygen to your tissues, muscles and restores mobility in your joints.  It reduces swelling, increases lymphatic fluid movement, promotes relaxation and decreases stress.  These are all benefits your body and mind needs before and after undergoing medical procedures.

You may even be able to have the massage therapy approved by insurance.  You need to check what your plan covers.  It is truly an advantage to add massage therapy to your pre and post healing process.

To find out more talk to one of our sports massage or massage specialists today.

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