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Stay healthy before, during and after your triathlon training by scheduling a massage therapy treatment.

There is so much advice on how to train properly for a triathlon that it becomes difficult to decipher which advice to take seriously and what to ignore.  I am going to make this a bit easier by addressing three of the most popular triathlon training myths I have heard amongst my own peers.

To Buy Bike Shoes or Not to Buy

Have you ever seen cyclists walk around in their bike shoes making that clicking sound as they try to walk around on pavement with them?  Well, there is a reason why they use them.  Bike shoes are created to generate more power and speed with each pedaling movement.

The bottoms of the bike shoes have cleats.  These cleats then clip onto the bike pedals securing your foot in place.  This provides your foot with a firm grip allowing greater force to be distributed with each pedaling movement.  My advice is to start practicing early with these shoes.  You want to be comfortable before race day.

All Wetsuits are Not Created Equal

Wetsuits are a tricky, necessary accessory when competing in triathlons.  Many people have a love and hate relationship with their own wetsuit.

Select a wetsuit designed specifically for swimming not surfing.  The fit is different.  If you choose a surfing wetsuit then it can slow you down.  It is not designed to allow the same type of movement.  It constricts your shoulder movement affecting your freestyle stroke negatively.  If you are competing in warm water just skip the wetsuit all together.

The most important thing is to maintain flexible, pain-free movement before, during and after training.  This helps you excel in competition. Sports massage and trigger point therapy are two ways to achieve this goal.

Find out more by calling Eclipse Wellness today!

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