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Spring Training players avoid injury by adding stretching and massage therapy into their daily routine.

The crack of the bat, cheers of the crowd, peanut shells on the ground, people selling, “Cold beer!  Cold beer here!”  All of it means one thing, baseball has arrived and we get a glimpse of it through Spring Training.  It is fun for the fans but the players are in a different state of mind.  The players are under intense pressure to perform well ensuring they get a place on the roster once the season starts.  But how do players stay healthy throughout the year?  Sports massage therapy treatments are only one aspect of an overall wellness conditioning program.

Prolong Your Career by Stretching

Stretching is a move anyone at any age should partake in.  You do not have to be a Big League prospect to feel the benefits from it.  It keeps your muscles warm, loose and flexible.  This is important when you are participating in any activity.

When a muscle is strained or pulled, the other muscles overcompensate for the weakness and pain in the affected area.  This causes you to twist and turn in an unnatural manner.  It hinders your playing and training routine throwing your entire form off.  Prevent this from happening to you.  Stretch beforehand.  Do not run onto the field cold.  If you are stagnant during the game while waiting for the next pitch then move around in-between plays.

Avoid injury and keep your body healthy by stretching. Find out more about sports specific exercises and how trigger point therapy can help your performance by calling us today.


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