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Learn how to improve your ball placement and court sprints like one of the pros.

Tennis is a mental sport.  There is no doubt about it. You must obtain a strong mind to compete at a top level in it.  But this does not mean you can slack off on the physical aspect.  Just because you can hit a return does not make you a competitive player.  Give yourself the edge by taking these two tennis training tips and apply them to your own routine.

Work on Your Ball Placement

In tennis, the most significant points are made due to excellent ball placement.  If your opponent is on the right side of the court near the alleys towards the baseline then you have two options.  One is a drop shot right at the net or a far left side shot at the service line near the alley.  Both shots would be extremely difficult for your opponent to reach in time.  This is why you want to work on ball placement.

A good way to practice ball placement is by setting up flat, round targets on the court.  Position them in different places.  Some should be near the net; others on the baseline, service line and in the corners.  Arrange it so none of the targets are smack in the middle of the court.  You want to make your opponent exhaust energy trying to reach the ball.

Time to Do Sprints

Tennis is filled with short bursts of sprints across the court.  Perfect this skill by placing tennis balls across the court.  Next, sprint to each tennis ball, pick it up then return to the baseline.  Continue this drill until all balls are removed from the court.  Time yourself.  Go full force when partaking in this drill.

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