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We have the inside scoop on how to increase your Spring Training performance.

You want to outrun, outplay and outshine your opponents during Spring Training.  This is the time to show scouts and teams what you are made of.  Prove to the team why you should be on the starting roster over anyone else.  Give yourself an edge by adding these two strength and conditioning activities to your physical repertoire.

Dust Off the Medicine Ball

In baseball, many moves stem from the strength in your core.  The core is what allows you to twist and turn with power.  This is essential for hitting and batting.  Enhance this strength through medicine ball throws.

Hold the medicine ball to your side at shoulder height slightly in front of you.  Put both hands on the ball then twist from the waist and throw the ball as far as possible.  Picture a shot-put thrower stance and motion.  Use that same type of power into this exercise.

Practice Sprints

Running on a baseball field requires you to execute short, fast sprints at anytime.  Without practice, you may injure yourself when a quick second decision to steal a base occurs.  Be prepared by partaking in sprint drills.

The idea of this exercise is to catch the training player off guard.  You want the player to pick up his reaction time without losing any sprint force.  A good way to practice this is through using different colored flags.  Have each flag represent a location to sprint to.  For instance, a yellow flag could mean that a player has to sprint to first base.  A black flag could mean the player has to run to home plate.  Hold the flags up in a random sequence without any warning.

To find out more about how to increase your performance through sports massage and trigger point therapy, call Eclipse Wellness today.


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