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Michael Phelps has mastered the swim streamline. Alignment and body awareness is a big part of it.

Swimming is my favorite Olympic sport to watch.  The thrill of the relays, individual medleys, and the close finishes.  The entire thing is exhilarating!  If you are wondering if you have what it takes to one day be on that Olympic platform then take a moment to read about how your streamline can make the difference between winning or losing your heat.

Improve Your Streamline

One of the most important aspects of swimming is your streamline.  It allows a swimmer to gain much ground on his/her competitors while reserving energy.  Here is how it works.

A swimmer pushes off the starting block causing a pull of gravity that is faster than the swimmer actually swims.  This maximum momentum continues once the swimmer hits the water.  The goal is to maintain this speed for as long as possible by performing an excellent streamline.

An improved technique develops with practice.  Begin by thinking about your body position the moment you hit the water.  Is every body part arranged in a manner where the water doesn’t stop your forward movement?  What about your hand positions?  Identify the problems and practice correcting them.

At the start of the race is not the only place you need a valuable streamline.  You also should have one when you come out of your turns.

When practicing your turn be aware of body positioning.  Your body alignment on your turn leads to your streamline.  So you must incorporate the right form for both movements.  Leaving one to remain at a mediocre standard causes a chain reaction.  The rest of your swimming begins to falter.  Prevent that from happening by applying correct form.

Enhance your swim training with a sports massage or a trigger point therapy session.  Call one of our experts today!

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