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Stay hydrated and healthy when partaking in your summer activities.

The amount of physical activity picks up during the summer.  People old and young cannot wait to get outside and enjoy the weather.  Students no longer have exams to worry about and adults can finally partake in their favorite outdoor activities.  There is everything from playing basketball to rock climbing to surfing; we do it all the minute the warm air is felt in the air.  But no matter your age or what sport you partake in everyone needs to take certain safety precautions.

Wear Protective Gear and Appropriate Footwear

It is a simple rule of thumb.  If you are biking wear a helmet.  If you are skateboarding wear proper padding.  It is not a difficult rule to follow.  Just remember to choose appropriate footwear and protective gear designed for that specific sport.

Bring a First Aid Kit

Keep a first aid kit nearby.  Physical injuries do occur.  Arrive on-site prepared by bringing bandages, antiseptic, wipes, and instant cold packs.  Immediate care averts minor injuries from transforming into a long-term medical issue.

Carry Water and Food

It is common for those participating in outdoor activities to lose track of time.  You are having so much fun that you do not even pay attention to the clock.  This situation could lead to a tragic outcome if you do not bring water, sports drinks and food filled with potassium, electrolytes and protein with you.

To find out more about how sports massage and neuromuscular massage treatment can help you achieve your summer sports goals call one of our specialists today.

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