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Discover the secret behind the training methods of top Olympian athletes.

The competition at this year’s London Olympics is going to be fierce.  Usain Bolt is aiming to beat his own Olympic record, Michael Phelps is looking to achieve the same goal and there has been word that 44 years old Dara Torres is looking to make an appearance.  But what does that have to do with your training methods?  Well, even if you are not an Olympian you are still able to adapt their training methods to your own strength and conditioning routine.

Treat Your Muscles Right

Downtime is just as important to competing as working out.  Your body needs time to rest and recover.  It reduces the risk for injury and stress.  You need your muscles to be loose and your mind focused when training and competing.  Massage therapy, trigger point therapy and a neuromuscular massage therapy session are ways to achieve this goal.

Train with a Goal in Mind

Each Olympian hopeful creates a 4 year goal and sticks with it.  It is a way to keep his/her eye on the prize.  There is no reason why you can’t do this too!  Think about what short term goals you wish to achieve.  For instance, if you ran 2 miles during your run last week then shoot for 3 miles this week.

To find out more about a sports-specific stretching and massage program call Eclipse Wellness today.

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