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Reduce pain at work by moving the height of your computer screen.

Pain is a signal from our body that something isn’t right.  It is important to pay attention to it but for some people this is difficult.  Perhaps when you were younger you might have been told to “shake it off” when you fell down and hurt yourself.  But as time goes on you know your body.  You are able to read the signals and if something feels “off” then listen to it…even when you are sitting at your desk at work.

Take Breaks at Work

If you are sitting down at work in front of a computer all day long then you need to stop and force yourself to move around.  Sitting too long while staring at your computer can cause your body to ache.  Change up your routine.  Every 30 minutes stand up for a second then move your hips back and forth.  Afterwards, sit back down.  You should feel a bit of a relief.

Move the Height of Your Computer

If you work on a laptop flat on your desk then you may notice you are hunched over for too long.  Try moving it to higher ground.  Is there a counter top or cabinet you can put it on?  Perhaps in a location where it is easy to stand up and work on it for a while?  Moving the height of your computer makes a difference.

To find out what treatments are designed to reduce feeling every day pain, call us today.  Some of these methods include on-site massage therapy, stretching and neuromuscular massage therapy treatment.

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