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Trigger point therapy reduces pain, stiffness and increases range of motion.

Trigger point therapy is a proven, effective treatment used for reducing pain.  Many patients receive this massage therapy treatment to decrease muscle stiffness, improve range of motion and increase blood flow.  All of these symptoms wear a body and mind down if gone untreated.  Today we are going to take a closer look at the two types of trigger points and what each one means to you.

Trigger points are points on your body that are extremely sensitive, and when touched the points trigger pain.  The trigger point itself feels

like a tense knot lying underneath the skin producing pain, stiffness and limited mobility.  What causes trigger points?  Stress, illness, poor posture and fibromyalgia can all be culprits.

Active and Latent Trigger Points

There are two types of trigger points.  The first is called active trigger points.  Active trigger points are points that emit pain in an isolated area when pressed.  The rest of the body does not feel it.  The second type is called latent trigger points.  Latent trigger points are points that initiate pain when pressed but it does not stay isolated.  The pain can be felt throughout other parts of the body.  One example is when you press a point on your neck.  This trigger point may create pain in the back when pressed.

To find out more call Eclipse Wellness today!

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