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Increase range of motion and reduce pain by stretching and receiving a neuromuscular massage.

As one grows old gracefully, it is easy to feel all the aches and pains that come with it.  Your muscles tighten and range of motion decreases putting a “Proceed with Caution” sign in front of you.  So what can you do to help relieve the pain and gain back movement?  Try stretching.

Is it becoming increasingly difficult to unzip the back of your dress?  What about putting on your shoes?  Have you noticed your body slowing down and restricting movement?  If so then add stretching into your daily routine.  It is not restricted by age.  Almost anyone can do it.

Stretching is an important element of living a healthy life.  You can do it just about anywhere…even while watching your favorite television programs.  It is just a matter of executing and sticking to it.

Some of the benefits of stretching are, but not limited to, improving muscular coordination, increasing circulation, enhancing range of motion and decreasing muscle tension.

When to Stretch?

Most experts agree that stretching before and after you exercise is multi-beneficial.  It keeps your muscles and joints moving before they have time to constrict.  It also helps warm the body before partaking in any exercise.  This prevents your muscles from over straining and reduces the risk of injury.

To learn about what stretching exercises are right for you then give us a call today.  One of our neuromuscular treatment specialists is able to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

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