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Boost business at trade shows by adding an on-site massage therapist.

With the economy in a terrible slump and unemployment rates high, now is the time to hire well qualified skilled workers who are unable to find jobs in their selective career choices.  Attract these prospective hires through offering different benefits than other companies.  One way to do this is to offer corporate, on-site massage services.

To keep hard working employees interested, happy and not stressed bring an on-site massage therapist to your offices.  A massage chair shows that you care about the employees and the overall wellness of the company.  This is  a vital tool businesses use to keep the best of the job pool on-board.  Studies show there are less sick days taken, elevated rates of job satisfaction and a high rate of staying power when such benefits are offered, exhibited and encouraged.

Another way to use corporate massage is to hire an on-site masseuse at trade show events.  This attracts clients and potential customers.  It allows these potential clients a chance to become completely relaxed, put their guards down and listen with an open, stress-free mind to your pitch.  Your representatives can reach people while they wait in line.  Have your employees strike up a  conversation about your company and what you do.  This will make your company’s booth stick out from the rest of the 100s of booths located in the same convention center.

Call us today to find out how you can hire your own corporate massage therapist.

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