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Get back to the summer family activities you love. Schedule a neuromuscular massage therpay today!

When you have lower back pain it is difficult to go through your daily activities as if nothing is happening.  It affects your psychological and physical state.  Your body is in pain, you cannot do everything you are used to handling and all of the frustrations from the physical limitations is exhausting.  So it is time to do something. Try neuromuscular therapy to ease the pain and put a halt to these obstacles from developing further.

What is Neuromuscular Massage?

Neuromuscular massage therapy is a series of different concentrated pressure levels on the areas of the pain culprit, muscle spasms.  A massage therapy specialist properly applies this pressure with his/her knuckles, fingers or elbows.  Once you feel the therapist press in the right spot then this position is held for a variety of 10 to 30 seconds.

Neuromuscular therapy consists of alternating levels of concentrated pressure on the areas of muscle spasm. The massage therapy pressure is usually applied with the fingers, knuckles, or elbow. Once applied to a muscle spasm, the pressure should not vary for ten to thirty seconds.

Why does it Work?

Your muscles become tight, sore and spasm when not enough blood is flowing resulting in not enough oxygen throughout.  When this occurs then your muscle produces lactic acid.  The lactic acid is the reason why you feel sore during physical activity.  The pain felt may also restrict movement and force you to eliminate specific activities out of your life.  But when this type of treatment is applied, the lactic acid is freed from the muscle restoring blood flow which allows these areas to receive the right amount of oxygen again.

To find out more give us a call today!

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