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Take a tip from the 2012 Summer Olympic athletes and be sure to add resistance stretching to your workout.  Resistance stretching involves using tension on the muscle while it is in a lengthened position and not contracting like seen in weight lifting.  Here is a tip to add to your everyday regimen.

Hamstrings Need Love Too

Tight hamstrings put a halt to many different exercises and maneuvers in athletics.  It even triggers knee pain, leg soreness and back problems.  It is also not specific to one sport.  You can be a swimmer, runner or high jumper and it is still the same.  You need to be sure your hamstrings stay loose.  It is vital to your competitive success.  Without relaxed, stretched hamstrings you may injure yourself due to the restriction in movement on top of the issues which may arise listed above.  Thus, keep your hamstrings unrestricted by trying out this stretching technique.

First, lay down flat on your back.  Be sure your back and head are rested against the floor.  Then lift your right leg straight up while keeping your hips and the other leg on the floor.  Put your left hand under your heel then press your heel against it as you pull your knee towards your face.  You may slightly bend your knees as needed.  Everyone’s flexibility is different.  For extra support, put your right hand under the right side of your hip .Hold the press for about 10-12 seconds then release to an elongated hamstring.

This is only one of many resistance stretching exercises you may incorporate that contributes to you living a healthy and active life.  Other methods that keep your body unconstrained, healthy and fit are sports massage and neuromuscular massage therapy.  Call us today to find out more!

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