What is Prenatal Massage?


Prenatal massage therapy Houston TX

Prenatal massage therapy Houston TX

For some women, being pregnant is a difficult process.
Your hormones are out of flux, your muscles ache, your body is exhausted, stress increases and you need a way to relax. Finding a way to boost sleep and address some of these physical issues is vital to you and your baby’s health.

Prenatal massage therapy is an effective, non-narcotic way to stop these problems from resulting into disastrous situations.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Being pregnant is a taxing process. Your joints and muscles ache from the added weight. Your organs shift to provide room for the baby causing an onslaught of physical pain and stress. There is pressure and swelling occurring, and your hormones are not what they used to be. Some days you are on a natural high counting down the days until your baby arrives and other days your energy and emotions are zapped. You are left feeling anxious, low and unsure of everything.

Prenatal massage is able to help you. It works on combating the physical and mental negative points you experience during pregnancy. Here at Eclipse Wellness, our experienced, knowledgeable and certified massage therapists are veterans to prenatal massage. We specialize in supplying you with comfort, safety and support while tackling the most problematic issues pregnancy ignites.

Houston, TX prenatal massage benefits

Houston, TX prenatal massage benefits

Reduce Joint Swelling

Swelling is one of the most common complaints we hear at our practice from expectant mothers. The swelling is due to poor circulation. The lymphatic system becomes sluggish after this enormous change in your body, as it is concentrating on your baby, not your needs. Your body needs a boost to restore, feel better and significantly reduce the swelling.

Prenatal massage accomplishes these vital goals. It invigorates the lymphatic system and helps it return to its designed duties. It ramps up your blood circulation to all the extremities, which instantly reduces the collection of fluids within the affected joints.

Stop Nerve Pain

During the late term of your pregnancy, it is common to experience sciatic nerve pain. The amount of force the uterus applies to your body causes muscles in your legs and lower back to flare up, ache and swell. This burden then presses on your nearby nerves and sciatic nerve pain is felt. This can be lowered to manageable levels through various massage techniques.

Lower Emotional Stress

Houston, TX prenatal massage benefits

Houston, TX prenatal massage benefits

When you see when your body tense and going through extreme changes during pregnancy, your mind has a difficult time focusing on anything else. The physical discomfort takes center stage.

Massage therapy stops your thoughts and allows you to focus on the positives in life. It gives you a fresh perspective and it allows your mind the freedom to find solutions that you didn’t see before. Joints relax. Anxieties disappear. It’s as if the negative issues swirling about stop in mid-air and gracefully sail to the ground.

Only after this happens can you can find a healthy, happy solution to these seemingly accumulating concerns.


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