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Myofascial trigger points

What are myofascial trigger points?

Myofascial trigger points are a very common cause of pain. They are small, painful or tender areas within a muscle, that elicit pain when pressed on. They are primarily thought to be caused by an abnormal tightening of small bundles of muscle fibers within the belly of the muscle.

The trigger points also maintain a special property called referred pain. This is when a point in one muscle creates pain in another area. For instance, when the muscle on the top of your shoulder (Trapezius) has trigger points, it will refer pain up the side of your neck, toward the head, potentially causing a headache.

Why it matters

Muscles have a significant impact on our overall health. On average, muscles make up between 36-42% of body weight. This is quite a sizeable percentage!

If all is in working order, muscles allow us to perform normal activities with ease. When our muscles harbor trigger points, we experience pain, physical limitation and loss of normal function.

Trigger Point Therapy

Whether trigger points may be active or latent, the issues need to be addressed. During Trigger Point Therapy, hypertonic bundles of muscle tissue are released, relieving both local and any referred pain.


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