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Eclipse Wellness - Therapeutic Massage & Pilates Studio

Movement is Life.

Movement is essential to life. Ask anyone who has a hard time moving. But movement is a paradox; the less you do it, the less you can. Humans are dynamic and meant to move, but when we restrict that movement for long periods, those restrictions can cause painful problems all throughout the body. Compound that with the daily stresses of life and you have a recipe for chronic pain and dysfunction.

Massage + Pilates

Massage and Pilates both exist because we were seeking ways to improve our painful movements and achieve a balanced body. When you’ve developed those painful restrictions in the body, a unique set of adaptations can occur. The therapeutic massage techniques that we utilize help release those restrictions, reverse the adaptations and relieve your pain. Meanwhile Pilates helps by strengthening your weakened muscles and elongating those areas that have been so painfully immobilized for so long. By tailoring both your Massage treatment and your Pilates sessions to your individual needs, we achieve a therapeutic synergy that provides you a degree of long lasting relief that few other approaches can.

Our goal here at Eclipse Wellness is to not only relieve your pain and improve your functional movements, but to make sure you have the tools you need to maintain these results.


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