For some women, being pregnant is a difficult process. Your hormones are out of flux, your muscles ache, your body is exhausted. Stress increases and you need a way to relax. Finding a way to boost sleep and address some of these physical issues is vital to you and your baby’s health.

What is prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage therapy is an effective, non-narcotic way to stop these problems from resulting into disastrous situations. Here are some of its benefits.

It reduces joint swelling

Pregnancy causes your joints to swell. This happens due to the decrease in circulation and the surge of compression placed upon your main blood vessels by the expanding uterus. When this occurs, you need a way to lessen the collection of fluids within the swollen joints. Prenatal massage therapy promotes the stimulation of soft tissues, which in return reduces this fluid entrapment. The toxins are then released, providing you with immense physical relief.

It stops nerve pain

During the late term of your pregnancy, it is common to experience sciatic nerve pain. The amount of force the uterus applies to your body triggers muscles in your legs and lower back to flare up, ache and swell. This burden then presses upon your nearby nerves and sciatic nerve pain is felt. Massage therapy reduces this pain significantly.

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