An employee is the heart of any business. They are the faces and voices of a company interacting with potential and repeat customers for you. It is essential to keep your employees healthy, both mentally and physically. One way to do this is by adopting Corporate Wellness Programs.

What is a Wellness Program?

A wellness program includes many different facets of health, including nutritional classes, health education, screening tests, a complete health evaluation, customized take home exercises, posture correction techniques, massage therapy and more.

The program concept is to make the employee aware of unhealthy choices he/she is making on a daily basis and change these options to ones that will impact his/her life in a positive manner. It also reduces stress-related ailments, ensuring the number of sick days taken is decreased, if not eliminated completely.

Outcomes of Corporate Wellness Programs

As a result of implementing such a program, productivity and efficiency improve, healthcare costs covered by employers are reduced, and a newfound respect and level of job satisfaction is obtained. It is a win-win situation in which the employer, employees and the employees’ home life is impacted in a constructive manner.

Corporate wellness programs have a domino effect throughout a company and an employees’ life. To find out what programs are available at Eclipse Wellness, call one of our neuromuscular massage therapy specialists today.


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