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Reduced pain, fewer muscle spasms and relaxation are only a few benefits of massage therapy.

Have you ever wondered how massage therapy began? How did we discover its benefits?

There is evidence of massage therapy depicted throughout history in ancient stories communicated through pictures before the written text was common. Civilizations from around the world used the power of touch to heal the sick, and, today, global cultures still do.

Massage therapy has evolved into a powerful, natural medicine technique used to heal the mind and body. Many medical issues can be treated without the use of narcotics or medication. Massage is an effective method to reduce and relieve muscle spasms, back pains, sprains, depression, limited range of motion and more!

Before you start your massage session, talk to your therapist about your specific goals. Are you looking to reduce pain caused from a sports injury? Are you trying to increase flexibility? Are you searching for a means to relax and de-stress? Sharing your goals with your therapist will ensure you get what you need and want out of your massage session.

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