Pain literally stops people from leading normal, active lives. It puts a halt to socializing, cooking, helping out around the house, working and more. It is not the way to live. But the medications available to ease pain are harmful, addictive, and can cause a person to become incoherent, or prevent them from leaving the house. There is an alternative to prescribed narcotics. Find relief in trigger point therapy.

Trigger Point Therapy is Safe!

Trigger point therapy is a safe and effective technique that relieves pain. It does not have any pharmaceutical side effects and it is a natural way to help your body restore a relaxed, unstressed, pain-free state. It helps your body get “unstuck” from the current negative state it is in. But for it to work, you must decide that you are ready to take action when it comes to your own rehabilitation and care.

Get Involved in Your Own Recovery

First, be aware of your body. Listen to your aches and pains. As soon as you feel the onset of pain, take action. You cannot wait to begin treatment. Before the damaged feeling becomes second nature to your physical being and its reaction, you have to break this cycle and remind your body what it feels like to be in a vigorous, peaceful, stress-free state.

There are other factors within your control that contribute to the healing process. Some of these include stretching, eating right, relaxing and finding ways to repeat these actions. It helps your body become “unstuck”.  It reminds your body what it feels like to live without such intense strain.

Our massage specialists are available to provide you with proper exercises and stretches to implement in conjunction with trigger point therapy. All of these actions allow your body to regain flexibility, movement and strength. To find out more about effective massage therapy treatments, call Eclipse Wellness today.


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