Not every massage therapist is created equal; thus, finding the right one to match your needs is key to getting the most out of your session.  If you need a deep tissue massage then search for someone who specializes in such.  Here are a few other tips to help you discover the right specialist for you.

Ask About Training and Education

Find out what type of educational background he/she has.  Ask about certifications.  Inquiring about such things is not intrusive.  It is great to learn how many years of experience he/she has, what type of massage he/she does best and how many other clients he/she has dealt with that have the same pain, soreness and/or tension as you.  All of these factors help you receive the most effective treatment.

Is Your Specialist a Good Communicator?

Communication is important during a massage therapy treatment.  The specialist needs to know about your problem areas.  Your specialist should be checking with you about the pressure during the session.  Is it too light or too hard?  Is he/she telling you what to expect before, during and after your appointment?  Are there any after-care instructions that need to be provided?  Communication skills are vital in this industry.  It ensures you walk away with excellent results. To find out more call Eclipse Wellness today!