The majority of sports injuries occur from repetitive wear and tear on the body. The pain may not occur at the initial moment of deterioration. This is different than when a person falls down the stairs. The pain and injury appears and is felt immediately. But with sports, it builds over time throughout someone participating in a particular activity, including basketball, golf, marathon training, running and more. Sports massage is designed to heal this type of injury and facilitate rehabilitation.

Benefits of Sports Massage

A sports massage is customized to prevent sports injuries, improve performance level, keep muscles flexible, and reduce negative side effects from over doing it at the gym or in the game. It decreases the amount of stiffness and soreness felt during those extremely hard and long workouts. It keeps your body healthy so there is little to no downtime in-between workouts, practice and games.

When you are working out and participating in sporting activities while your muscles ache, it shifts your body’s movement. It causes an imbalance not present before resulting in an affected performance. It could take away from your training and competing abilities. Instead of putting up with discomfort, fatigue, swelling, aches and pains from a sports injury, call one of our sports massage or trigger point therapy specialists. He/she will be able to restore balance of the musculoskeletal system and release tension through the process. To find out more about what Eclipse Wellness can do for you, call us today!


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